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Postal: Waterman Business Centre
Suite 122 UL 40 / 1341 Dandenong Road,
Chadstone, Victoria, 3149

Chadstone Tower 1
Level 8 1341 Dandenong Road,
Chadstone, VIC 3148

If you’re arriving with a taxi, best drop off point is the Chadstone Hotel lobby, the entrance to the lift is situated on the left side. Best parking carpark is place is F (red), E (yellow) and D (purple – Woolworths) and walk across.

What to bring along

To help your financial planner gain a clearer understanding of your current finances and the services that could be right for you, a little preparation can go a long way. If possible, try to gather the following information before your first consultation:

  • Your income. If it’s easier, feel free to bring in tax documents, especially if you have income from multiple sources or you’re self-employed.
  • Your assets. Including property (rates notice), superannuation, savings and investments.
  • Your budget. Or an estimate of where your money goes each month, including your mortgage or rent, personal or business loans and credit card debt.
  • Insurance covers. Especially life, disability and income protection policies, if you have them.
  • Questions. In addition to a list of your short and long-term financial objectives, bring any questions or concerns you may have.

Your first meeting is informal so don’t worry about gathering all the details. The important thing is to get started thinking about your financial future.